Terms and Conditions

Internal Rule of the apartment


Welcome to the Lisbon with Love Apartamentos Turisticos

We present our internal rules in order to serve you on the best way


  • Check-in after 15:00
  • On your arrival or reserve the guest must identify and show the ID card or passport
  • In the check-in there will be delivery a pair of keys: one to the main building and another from the door of the apartment
  • If the guest looses one of the keys he/she must contact one of the managers and  immediately report the situation so that it can be deliver another safety key
  • In case of emergency the guest must contact the emergency numbers that are located on the door
  • On the check-in the guest will do a security deposit of €150,00 to prevent possible damages or keys lost
  • Any schedule time change must be justified and required


  • Check-out will be until 11:00 AM
  • On the departing day, the apartment must be clear until 11 A.M
  • Exceptionally, by justify reasons; we can do your check-out until 16:00 hours on your departing day
  • When doing the check-out security deposit will be return, if no damage report
  • Any schedule time change must be justified and required, depending on the availability of the apartment


  • For a matter of respect and comprehension to all residents, we request to all guests to pay special attention noises/silence on the apartment
  • After 22:00 is not allowed noises that can disturb all the others residents in the building

NOTE: Most of the neighbors are older persons

  • With the Law changes made by Decreto-Lei n.º 259/2002 de 23 de November, there is a revision do General Noise Abatement approved by the Portuguese Government by Decreto-Lei n.º 251/87, de 24 de June

According to the Article nº1 this law has the objective of noise prevention and the control of noise abatement, regarding the health and populations well-being witch applies to the neighbor and noisy activities, permanent, temporaries, susceptive of causing disturbance

According to those laws the sub-paragraphs e) and f), the reference periods for the noise evaluation are the daily period , that goes from 7AM  until 22 PM and the  night period, that goes from 22PM until 7 AM


  • Any damage the guest does on the apartment on purpose there will be charged, if it´s costs is superior to security deposit
  • The enterprise, depending the seriously of the damage, will take the legal acts which are justified
  • In case of a manager needs to move into the apartment out of his service hours, to solve a situation that was caused by a guest the security deposit will not be returned


  • On the apartment there is a Book of Complaints
  • We appreciate, in case of complaints, the must should indicate, the time when it occurs and call the managers


  • According to the Portuguese law Decreto-Lei n.º228/2009 of 14/07/2009, this enterprise don´t will not be liable by the money, jewelry or other value objects that can  disappear from inside of his facilities
  • The guests must always remember to close the doors of the apartment and also the building door
  • It’s forbidden the presence or stay of persons that are not part of the guest list guests on the  Lisbon With Love Apartamentos Turisticos


  • Besides the basic rules written before and the general rules about local apartments, ITS’S FORBIDEN INSIDE OF Lisbon With Love Apartamentos Turisticos:
  1. SMOKE

Breakfast Service

  • Lisbon With Love Apartamentos Turisticos don´t have breakfast service. However, the apartment has a full equipped kitchen that the guest may use

Promotions, bonus and special offers

  • Lisbon With Love Apartamentos Turisticos gives through his website information about promotions, bonus and special offers that can occur
  1. The promotions, bonus and special offers are temporary and they are subject to specific conditions

Hygiene and cleaning

  • The apartment cleaning and bedclothes and towels is done once a week
  1. Besides that every time that is a guest change over the entire apartment will be clean
  2. If the guests remain more than four (4) days, the guest can require new sheets and towels which collected and replaced at the same time
  3. Sheets and towels renewal don´t include bed making, which will be made by the guests


  • Reservations can be done by phone, email through Lisbon With Love Apartamentos Turisticos website or personally, but always subject to the availability of the apartment
  • The specific rules of reservations are defined by The Reservation Policy of Lisbon With Love Apartamentos Turisticos

Common Areas

  • The recommendations that rules the use of the several places in the apartment are fixed on each of it
  • The disrespect of those rules and recommendations are subject to the loss of the security deposit. (Damage, Security, Forbiden Rules, etc)
  1. If there a situation is not preview on this internal regulation the Direction will invoke the general law